Interested in owning your own I Heart Mac & Cheese?

I Heart Mac and Cheese is currently selling franchises as it continues its rapid growth.

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I Heart Mac and Cheese Franchise

Franchise Information and Support

We aim to provide all our Franchises with the latest technology and support to allow them to be successful in their operations.

Quick Serve Restaurant Concept

Constructing an I Heart Mac and Cheese franchise is fairly simple compared to most quick serve restaurant concepts as there is

  • NO need for a Hood system in most municipalities
  • NO need for grease traps in most municipalities
  • NO need for gas lines since all of the equipment utilized in the restaurant is electric

The utilization of electrical equipment for cooking instead of fryers, gas stoves and other hazardous, fume or flame producing equipment allows for easier and safer operation as well as flexibility on choice of franchise location.


Build out costs vary depending on location, size and décor choices.  On average, the build out or construction costs in a typical franchised location when a “vanilla shell” of a space is provided (i.e. a space with cement floors, ceiling, one bathroom, HVAC system, and general lighting).  We estimate the total initial investment to open a franchise to range from $180,000 to $300,000.

Requirements and Training

For ease of build out and set up, all of the furniture, fixtures, and equipment necessary to utilize in each franchise may be purchased directly through us to utilize our purchasing clout. We provide each franchisee with full documentation of what is required to open the restaurant, including but not limited to

  • guides on permitting and planning
  • equipment requirements
  • small wares needs
  • furniture requirements
  • employee manuals and hiring guides
  • recipes and procedures
  • an employee handbook
  • an operations manual

We provide a 5-day intensive management training and staff training program and continued support to the franchisees.

We also have a Turn Key Agreement option for those franchisees that would rather hire the Company to construct the franchise, stock it and have it ready to open.  For a fee, the Company can serve as the franchisee’s construction manager and developer.  The franchisee will be able to be as hands on as they wish and can pick the exact location of their restaurant if so desired.